Zeetha, plus some news


I've mentioned Girl Genius before, so I'll just point in that direction and say read it. Zeetha is an awesome character but while I like her, I'm not totally invested in her, which is probably why I felt comfortable taking her quite tight character design and flubbing it as part of my learning process.

This is the 'go faster and be looser' part of that process. Again. The process is a cyclical sort of thing. On the bright side, there has been some clear progress. This one took about three hours total, and there were no outlines at any point in the coloring process.

Now, I implied there was news.  I've been spreading my branchy little dendrites over the internet.

Ever wanted to buy any of my drawings? I am now a member of a little artist's association called Paper Ribbons, where you can buy both already made pieces and commission things based on a style choice and a short statement. Paper Ribbons is aiming to make art buying make a little more accessible. Pricing is based on size, so it takes some of the uncertainty out of trying to assess artistic value. (They make it my job, rather than yours.) My Paper Ribbons page.

If you're more into my jewelry, I also now have a facebook page. Mostly because two people in one week gasped in horror when they wanted to 'friend' me and found out that I didn't have one of those buttons. (They don't actually issue them at birth. Surprisingly.)

And there's always my etsy, which has been updating lately. Which reminds me, I've got some new pieces I need to take pictures of. Boo pictures. Hooray updates!