InDesign Practice: Flyer redo

I've been doing some reading on basic graphic design principles lately, so I thought a re-vamp might be a good excuse to practice a them a bit in InDesign. Here is my spectacularly unsuccessful flyer from two years ago.

In order to make the redo, I needed to make two short lists based on the original poster: one of the necessary elements, and one of what's wrong with the original poster.

Requirements: Header/Teaser, three informational statements, tear-off contact info, and what is hopefully a good graphic.

Fixes: Too low contrast. Everything has approximately the same visual emphasis, which defeats the whole 'eyecatching' requirement. In an effort to show as many drawings as possible, I've pretty much eliminated true white space, which doesn't help with the contrast issue. Also, alignment? What alignment?

Much better. Still, there are a few things I think I could improve if I wanted to spend more time on it. The graphic is not my best work, I'd prefer to replace it with something a little more recent. And I'm not sure how to resolve the header. The zapfino font 'd' makes horizontally centering the header problematic. Also I'm pretty sure the alignment between the header and the three statements should be consistent, but that leaves the header looking like I meant it to be properly centered and didn't succeed. Foo.

The original flyer is old, but the special is current! Valentine's day is approaching rapidly, and now would be a good time to begin to panic... that is if someone weren't to hypothetically offer you a totally affordable and unique gift option. Just sayin'.