Women of Star Trek: Yar

In retrospect, Tasha Yar is clearly one of my childhood role models. Though I didn't know the word at the time, I thought she was hardcore. She was also competent: Her opinions were respected by Picard and Riker, and they relied on her expertise. (In contrast to poor shot-down Worf.) She was pretty but not womanly, and seemed to find reminders of her gender to mainly be annoying. This resonated with me, because I was just beginning to notice the surprise or disapproval some adults exhibited when I enjoyed 'boyish' pursuits.

Re-watching the series now as an adult, I am struck by other aspects of her character. Most obviously, she suffers from first season syndrome. TNG was finding itself, (as many shows do during the first season) so her character presentation is a bit scattered and flat. Since she was only in the first season, that's all we have to judge her on. Though her leaving the series did clear the way for Worf (who was a childhood favorite) it means she never got to grow a beard. Yar is good at her job, but she is not a generalist: She's holding a hammer, and by god she's going to hammer everything until she finds a nail. While she is strong, she is clearly also damaged in a disappointingly predictable way. Perhaps they would have developed that in a more interesting direction given more time, but the tough chick with trust issues/romantic anxiety is selling the potential of Yar's backstory a little short.

On an arts level, and am very pleased with how her body came out. There are low points (the hands) but I nailed something about her character with her stance. She is clearly powerful and forthright, but also somehow brittle. I also like the contrast between her figure and Uhura's: both are clearly adult women, but at opposite ends of the hourglass spectrum. (You'd think an ability to draw different body types would be part of an artist's basic toolkit. Unfortunately it's often not. )

The background... I'm still working on backgrounds. Suffice it to say that I didn't just take a photo of the bridge and run filters over it. I re-drew it, even the damn woodgrain. But it doesn't look like that's what I did, it looks like filters. Bah humbug. I would like to note however that I attempted a complementary color scheme that isn't orange and blue for a change. I think it works.