Women of Star Trek: Crusher

In my memory, Dr. Beverly Crusher has a depth and importance all out of proportion with the role she actually played on TNG. I don't have to look very far to figure out why: Crusher is a female doctor in her early forties, head of her own sickbay and a brilliant surgeon who struggles to balance her work with her mothering obligations to her child.

Change out 'sickbay' for 'practice', and that describes my mother as well, at least at the time when I watched TNG on thursday nights on the big TV in my parent's room.

Re-watching the series now, I notice a different aspect of Dr. Crusher's character. Certainly being chief medical officer on the Enterprise isn't a bad gig, but it seems that Crusher never quite gets what she wants. She's perpetually stuck in-between. Between whatever happened with Picard around the time Jack died and a relationship with Picard now, between the challenge of being chief medical officer on a starship and the promotion to head of Starfleet Medical, and between her clear command potential, her desire to practice medicine and her need to raise and protect her son. When she does have something unequivocally good happen to her (falls in love) her partner in a whirlwind romance has a mostly fatal shuttle accident and ultimately switches gender.

She never shows any particular disappointment with her life, but it's hard to not feel a little sad for her.

I had quite a lot of trouble with Crusher's pose, not the least of which because she's a dancer and I wanted that to show through. Eventually I settled on a 'treating the fallen' pose, which worked out great... but left me with some serious issues finding background reference with a matching 'low' POV. I'm pleased with how the Enterprise passageway came out, but it's a bit of a random choice.

And again, the blue/orange thing. It keeps happening. I think it's following me.