Women of Star Trek: Kira

Welcome to Deep Space Nine.

You may have noticed the change in decor. And uniform. And attitude.

Deep Space Nine is in general a very different sort of Star Trek. One with ambiguity, the possibility that someone wearing a color other than red might die, and a refreshing lack of Star Fleet monolithism and moral superiority.

Kira's character is part and parcel of this new worldview. (Universeview?) She has internal conflicts, and a little more depth than 'emotionally scarred tough chick security officer.'

Kira Nerys is the first Bajoran we get to know well. It makes it a little hard sometimes to tell which of her actions and opinions are general cultural Bajoran characteristics, and which are individual to her. She is a survivor, unwilling to forgive, vicious when necessary but also deeply spiritual and with a strong capacity for love and play that she has a long-standing habit of sublimating.

I'm very happy with how this illustration came out. Kira is often in the position of having too much to do: she moves snappily, and has a tendency to multitask. She looks like she is on the way to deal with some 'problem', and has paused to hear a shouted amendment to her to-do list. Her face has both good and bad points- it is a better portrait than I've managed to date on this project, and I love that her makeup came out looking like makeup. That said, the contrast is still a bit wonky, and her hair is definitely more cartoonish than accurate.

My backgrounds are... progressing. This one actually looks like an underpainting, which is a solid step in the direction I want to go. It's just depressingly far from the last step.