Chainmail Purse 1, version 2

I've been on a bit of a purse-making kick lately. I'd originally only meant to slightly enlarge my first chainmail purse, but it turned out so well that I just sort of kept going. I've now got... four? Six if you count the 'in progress' and 'waiting for further supplies to arrive' purses knocking around my crafting table. But first, let me show you how that initial re-design came out.

The purse is now big enough to hold a wallet and smart phone side-by-side, and is in fact doing so in these pictures. It still has the same features as the original purse, (flap that likes to be either all the way open or all the way closed but not in-between, and stretchy because it's half neoprene) but this version is large enough that I'm likely to actually use it.

If you want to see more pictures, or are just curious about such specifics as exact size and price, check out the etsy listing.