Chainmail Purse 2: All maille, all the time

Alright, nuts and bolts: The strap is 36 inches long, and the body of the purse is just a smidge over 5 inches by 4 inches.

One of the most patience-intensive pieces I've ever made, chainmail or otherwise. I didn't realize until now that there were stages of chainmail: Anticipation, stubbornness, beer, reduced expectations, and lastly petting it creepily and saying 'precioussssss.'

Two design decisions were made on the fly- first, that the piece was going to be a rectangle rather than a square. I thought a square would be more aesthetically pleasing, but then realized that a purse that's not even big enough to hold a cell phone kind of fails at being a purse. (As you can see, the final comfortably holds a smartphone, with enough room left over for other essentials, although probably not a full wallet.)

Also, I thought the holes in the hatch were big enough to simply run the aluminum links through. Turns out, mmm, nope. Luckily, I had nickle wire (conveniently a great colormatch with the hatch) and that *did* fit. Which was good. Because I'd just finished investing a week in making the body of the purse, and if at that point I had discovered that I couldn't attach it to the hatch... well... Murder. Lots of murder.

More pictures (and details such as price) over at my store.