Jewelry Summer Shows Prep, 2012

It's that time again- when I look at my inventory, look at the date, and say 'oh crap.'

I'm signed up (actually, technically I was invited. That's right. I'm kind of a big deal.) for Art on the Rocks again this year. It's at the end of July. And I do not have nearly enough earrings. Or things in silver. Or bracelets.


So today was 'get all the silver earrings polished' day at my house. Followed by putting all the silver earrings on display cards, and then in a bag with a few pieces of tarnish-away paper.

Tomorrow will be 'order all the things' day. While waiting for more silver-things supplies to arrive, I plan on finishing the last of a triptych of chainmail purses. Pictures to follow when it's, y'know, done.