Chainmail Purse 3: Scales

Oh thank god it's finally done. You don't even know.

So the purse itself is clearly time intensive, yeah? What's extra time intensive is getting the thing 3/4 finished and then realizing you're doing it wrong. But your sense of artistic pride won't let you take 'eh, it's functional. Just not as pretty as it could be' for an answer. Oh no, you have to go back, take everything apart, and reassemble it.

At least going to all that trouble was demonstrably worth it. It does look better, and as a bonus I used less materials so it's as light as possible now.

Also, it's quite functional. Here, have a side by side of all the stuff that fits in it.

Cell phone, wallet, lipstick, multitool, and juggling balls. Everything a girl needs. (As usual, more pictures over at Etsy.)

I would love to make more purses like this, but I'm still shopping for a snap/frame vendor I like. This hasp came from China, and it... well, it's okay. I'd like something with a little more character, bigger 'threading' holes, and a little more heft. Anyone have any suggestions?