Women of Star Trek: Dax

It's a known problem, but it still surprises me- I have a much harder time drawing things I love than things that just interest me.

And I love Dax's character. I will resist going full fangirl (I'd hate to spew spoilers at people- although when a show gets past about a decade old I'm pretty sure I couldn't be blamed for that) and boring you all, but suffice it to say: She's so cool. I want to be her when I grow up.

Because she is so innately awesome, I wanted to give her a great illustration. Well, I half-way succeeded. I really like how Jadzia and Ezri's faces look and how they are posed, and I'm mostly pleased with the control panel and Jadzia's body.

The background and Ezri's body though? ... Sorry about that Ezri. I know you aren't actually lumpy.

I would have continued to work on the background, shadows, and maybe the feet, but it was really time to be done. There comes a point at which you have to accept the failings of a painting, or start over. And if I'm going to begin from scratch, it's less depressing to just start working on something else.