Sketch Daily Roundup 1

As part of my attempt to get back to myself, I'm listening to the sage advice of Ira Glass. Which mainly means producing more work, more regularly, and not dwelling on how it falls short of what I had in mind. To that end I've starting trying to keep up with the SketchDaily subreddit. Life being the way it is I'm not really keeping to an every day schedule, but having an ongoing prompt-engine certainly helps with actually doing it and with pushing me on subject matter.

Prompt: Western

Apparently, the high plains don't look like much of anything without color.

Prompt: Eastern

Her reaction isn't totally unreasonable- Nara deer can be pushy!

Prompt: Southern

I didn't want to do something too stereotypical... and also I had just watched a Dirty Jobs episode featuring Alligator Snapping Turtles. Oh Mike Rowe, I'd watch you read the phone book. (Actually I kind of did. The dictionary anyway.)

Prompt: Northern

I grew up in a place that had a yearly dogsled race. They started at night, and it was tradition to have outdoor parties/gatherings at trail forkings near town to help the non-local mushers not get lost. In my memory, this is what the teams look like coming towards you.