Prompt: Still Life With Wine

While most of my Sketchdaily prompts so far have been posted in groups, this one was so interesting that it deserved prime billing.

This picture is a great example of why Sketchdaily is good for me: I would probably have never tried this on my own. I had no idea of how to proceed past the initial laying down of colors, and it was clearly going to be complicated. But since it's 'just a sketch', I produced the best transparent objects I've ever drawn. I can see in retrospect that I set myself up for success: The single strong light source simplifies the shine/transparency on glass, and to my surprise color is actually easier than greyscale. Previously I'd always tried to draw transparent objects in greyscale, because most solid objects are easier that way, but as it turns out objects that would have the same greyscale value are easily differentiated by color.

Also the glow from the candle required no thought: It did what I wanted it to do the first time. Trust me, light sources rarely behave so well. And the colors in the wine are far better than I could have done on purpose–that's the kind of awesome that only happens when I stop paying attention.

The picture is based on an old pen drawing that I've been meaning to work up properly for years, and this prompt seemed like the right time. Here's the original:

If I were to try it again, I'd improve the composition a bit. But I'm so ridiculously pleased with how the glasswork came out it's hard to be too upset.