The Wild Hunt Begins

Damn Sketchdaily. You keep coming up with awesome shit for me to draw. In this case, the prompt was pretty broad: Norse Mythology. Being at least passingly familliar with Norse mythology, I thought I'd draw Sleipnir. But since Sleipnir is Odin's horse, I thought he should be ridden by Odin. And one of the best ways to make it clear that you're drawing Odin is to include Geri, Freki, Huginn, and Muninn. And by that point I realized I'd drawn the beginning of the Wild Hunt.



This turned out much more awesome than expected. It will definitely be worth returning to at some point to do a full-color rendition.

And yes, that is actually the sort of thing horses do with their legs over high jumps. It's just that it's only very, very athletic horses that can clear jumps like that, so it turns out looking more deer-like.