Military Mech Sketch


A proper sketch for once. When I saw that the prod from sketchdaily was mechanical in nature ('chicks dig giant robots') I knew I had to do it. Machinery and I have historically not been friends, but it seems that things are getting better. I think this one turned out so well because I could mimic muscular structure (which I understand very well) to make up pistons and armor plates (which I'm not so familiar with.)

The person in the capsule is a chick BTW, I just didn't go far enough in the drawing to make that clear. Other conceptual details that didn't come through- this is a multi-grav general use 'workhorse' unit. It has a compressed gas pack which is good for low G maneuvering/jumping. It can work in a variety of gravity environments, with a range of about .1 to 2 Gs. It has one 'working' arm, and one 'protection' arm- because these environments are not lifeless.