Art on the Rocks: after action report

I'm pretty much a grown-up. But occasionally, when things are going poorly, I have a coping technique which may be colloquially referred to as 'pitching a fit'. Which I employed last Sunday as I was setting up my booth for day two of Art on the Rocks, which is, FYI, an outdoor show. But because I *am* a grown-up I limited my whining and stomping to a single ten second period, and warned those around me beforehand.

Some statistics to give context:

Maximum Temp on Saturday: 55.4°. Rain in the early morning, clouds until 5:30pm, (at which point the weather become cool but idyllic) with show closing at 6pm.

Maximum Temp on Sunday: 53.6°. Rain in the morning, continuing throughout the day. Also breezy. Did I mention the show takes place on the harbor?

Such is the risk of outdoor shows. And we have had superb luck on the weather the last three years. But if I didn't want to be there, you can imagine the crowds didn't linger. And it's not like I lost money on the show this year. I totally paid for my booth fee and plane ticket. But that was about it.

In case you skipped it this year for the aforementioned reasons, rest assured: I'll be back next year in my usual spot next to the purple maple tree. But if you just can't wait that long, there's always something up on my etsy page.