Harvard Square Holiday Fair- After Action Report

photo (8) So glad to have gotten into this show! Competition is always fierce for jewelers, and the organizers of this show makes a particular effort to keep the vendors balanced- there were a few jewelers, but we made up far less than 1/4 of the booths and we all had very different stuff.

Though I was only approved to vend for one weekend, I had an absolutely wonderful experience. Not only was it economically a very solid show (and apparently the first weekend is usually the weakest!) it was the downright friendliest show I've ever participated in. I got tons of help, advice, and complimentary comments about my wares from the other vendors, the venue was pleasant, and the organizers were happy to chat with me.

Really, this last weekend felt a bit like my first days at college. Because while I did well and had a grand time, it rapidly became clear that I was pretty out of my depth. Most of vendors in this show have been doing this for years, and most of them had intimidatingly put together and permanent-looking booth displays. I'm afraid I came off as somewhat amateur by comparison.

I'm taking it as a kick in the ass to stop feeling apologetic about my booth display and up my game.

So I'm in the market for wall partitions. I'm thinking PVC pipe and the walls of my EZ-up tent, (freestanding pre-made walls are expensive!) but I'll keep you posted with my experiments!

Up Next: SLAM at the Burren, Saturday the 14th and 21st!