Last Castleberry Fair: Shriner's Auditorium in Wilmington

The last Castleberry Faire of the year (for me at least) was this last weekend, starting on Black Friday.

Clearly I only have an n of 1, but the crowd volume on the weekend after Thanksgiving is weird. Friday and Saturday were steady, with perhaps a little swell toward noon on Friday. And Sunday was just dead... I spent more time trying out the food that was on sale nearby than selling. Very odd.

Usually, traffic is pretty predictable. There will be the early birds on opening day–these people are on a mission, and you've got to be ready, because they will buy. Saturday will have a small lull in the afternoon, and Sunday will be very slow until noon, but then will be steady.

If you're wondering why I send so much time thinking about traffic, there's a good and simple reason- bathroom breaks when you're by yourself are a tricky business.