Melrose Arts Post-Mortem

I was honestly pretty nervous for this show. It was the usual anxiety that goes with a show I've never done before, plus two additions.

First, the space was... vertical. Usually when I apply for a show, they give you a certain square footage to deal with. But because this show has historically been dominated by flatwork, they do something I've never seen before: They set up the spaces for us. Three fabric-covered six by three foot panels,  with elbow lights. All set when I arrived. 

As it turns out, pre-set panels and lights are awesome. Upholstery hooks are both super-easy and a nice way to display my necklaces, the 'rolls' I made up for the bracelets worked exactly like I thought they would, and I only needed one small table for my earrings/workspace. Which overall cut my literal baggage for this show in half.

Second: They had an opening night *preview party*. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from that–I mean, I can be fancy when the occasion calls for it, but there was wine. And live music. I wasn't quite sure what to plan for in terms of the crowd.

It was actually really nice! The crowd wasn't thick, but the proportion of 'buyers' to 'lookers' was the highest I've ever seen it. 

In general, an awesome show. And I made out like a bandit, which never hurts. :D

photo 2 (1).JPG