Photoshop Painting Catchup #3

I'd don't draw a lot of straight-up humans, but for some reason when I read this prompt, I had a full composition spring to mind.

I have a character, her name is Thunder Hallen, she's Hufflepuff quddich seeker. But I can't draw people for the life of me!

Description of her: Shoulder length brown/red hair, blind, blue-green eyes, Quddich number "52."

Request: Can you draw her in the quddich field, on a broom, during winter, with the snitch in the background.

Feel free to ask me if you need more details! :)

I did indeed need to ask for a few more details (mainly her age, build, and whether cloudiness in the eyes would make sense as a way to show she's blind) but for the most part my original idea is what I what ahead and executed. 

Developmental notes:

Background: Oh dear. This was I think my first attempt at a full background in quite some time- Which means I'd changed the techniques of how I paint enough that it was essentially like doing a full background for the first time. For things on the ground I did a very preliminary sketch, and then basically just did the edges in detail. Very useful, saves a lot of time!

The clouds were... well, my first attempt at realistic cumulous clouds. Pretty good for a first try, but it's more the idea of clouds than how they actually look.

The bleachers were a stretch, and it didn't go well. My attempt at canvas texture sort of backfired, and I was handicapped by not looking at any actual bleachers. 

Composition: Better than usual! Totally accidental though, so I can't take too much credit for it.