Green Necklace: Design Walk-Through

Pretty! But how did I get here?

It started with these beads. Picked up from my new favorite bead store, I was intrigued by the complicated palette. Essentially green, but in a very naturalistic way. 'Green' in nature is hardly ever just one color- it's usually a welter of browns, blues, yellows and reds... as are these beads.

Now, what metal shall I put them with. Aluminum? Eh...

Copper is good...

but better with brass as well!

From the shape of these beads I have two basic options: a necklace where the beads run end to end with some kind of chain in-between, or a bracelet where the beads are side-by-side,  connected with chain on both sides. I'm going for necklace. From experience, I know that about a 3mm diameter size attachment will work with 18 gauge wire. But copper by itself looks a little sparse, so I'm adding a simple tiny brass link under the attachments to ease the transition between the metal and beads.

My first thought was to use a single knot of barrel weave to divide the stones. But its not moving as freely as i would like, and more importantly the math doesn't work out- if I use this for the whole necklace, it will come out under 16 inches... too short.

Byzantine. I do it all the time, but that's 'cause it works. In this case I get to play with colors, which helps this necklace stand out from its siblings.

So I prep every stone with the links to make a single knot of byzantine.

And then I can easily just connect the knots. Note the adjustment 'tail', which will be on the back of the finished necklace.

Put it all together, make a hook clasp, and we're all done!

Piece is for sale on my Etsy Page!