Photoshop Painting Catchup #13: Plate


  • White hair, shoulder length, hangs straight, green eyes

  • Plate-Mail in a metallic color, dark cloak, no helmet, hood optional

  • Young-looking face, neutral expression ideal

  • Weapon of choice: Greatsword, disproportionately larger than she is.

Okay, so my choosing this one out of the stack of character requests was a no-brainer. My mother had completely white hair from essentially the time I was born. (No, it wasn't my fault. Pretty sure.) So a young regular human woman with long straight white hair is going to get my attention.

And they wanted an oversize sword. Swoon.

Plus, plate (particularly when I can flout the boobplate convention) is just fun. I revisited an older style for this, heavy black lines with grey shading. It felt...easy. Which means if the point of picking up these requests is to grow and learn, I probably shouldn't do this too often.

Design notes: 

I did some shadowing on the figure, but looking back it's far too subtle so the overall effect is pretty flat. I would have been better off either not shading at all, or shading a lot more emphatically. I need to remind myself to be brave!

I am very happy with the face and hair. The hair is modeled pretty closely on my mother's hair, so it's no surprise I understood how that should work. But the face is different- using thick, blobby lines like this and having it come out well means I've reached a different level of understanding how faces are put together.  (Why? If thin lines are a bit off, it's less than perfect, but still looks like a human face. If big blobby lines are a bit off, the character looks like a muppet.) I think the main thing I've become comfortable with is how extreme the shape difference should be between the sides of a face. Not only should right and left eyes  never be mirror images, features that we would assume are bilaterally symmetrical such as the two sides of the jaw may not even look like they belong on the same head. And that's more than okay, that's correct.