Photoshop Painting Catchup #15: Dragonborn Cleric

  • Character is male Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut. He is silver but has suffered severe burns over most of his body. One eye is sightless. Uses a staff to aid in walking because left leg is missing, replaced by silver prosthetic.

Several fascinating challenges in a very short description! Scales (okay that's hard) burns (difficult) prosthetic leg for a digitigrade critter (WTF that's hard).

I admit that on the scales I had an unfair advantage– I spent several years in highschool embarrassingly fixated on drawing dragons. I'm comfortable with scales.

Next– The burns. They rank second hardest rather than hardest only because I used lots of filters and things rather than drawing it by hand, which is my eventual goal. So I coped out a bit. I'm not thrilled with the result, however they are the best burns I've ever drawn so I'm dealing with my disappointment. 

And the kicker– the prosthetic leg. When I was first conceiving of this drawing, I had assumed I would draw one of those Blade prosthetics. Unfortunately as I was doing my research I learned that those are specific to running, and are actually pretty crap as a general purpose leg-replacement. So I needed to find different reference material, and modify it heavily to suite a digitigrade posture. This was harder than expected because so many of the modern above-the-knee replacement legs are made to look like, well, legs. Less helpful as reference material. 

Artistic notes:

The background is the most interesting thing to me here. Now mind you, I don't like it. It looks fake and tacked on and weird. I think using a preset brush to do the grass was a mistake, the pebbles did not work the way I was hoping and the flat gradient background makes it look like a soundstage.

But it was all the good kind of mistake. I *understand* why it didn't work, and I have some pretty good ideas about what to do next time.