Photoshop Painting Catchup #19: Ifrit

  • Name: Ordos (last name pending)
  • Occupation: Dancer. Gets paid by dancing, and sometimes by being a companion for the night.
  • Notable Features: Small Stature, 5'9, very light weight, black eyes, fire hair, very good looking.
  • Character's Race: Ifrit
  • Character's Equipment: A Keen Scimitar, and light armor, carries very little to avoid harming his dance movements.
  • Character's backstory: This character dances at night in Taverns for some money, a few drinks, a warm bed to share, and a meal in the morning. He has a smaller stature, and a very nice smile, he has fiery hair, which changes in the wind or at will.

Overtly sexualized male characters are rare, so I pounced on this one. I like drawing me a sexy woman from time to time, and it's nice to keep the genders balanced. I also love that I managed to make him not classically attractive- his mouth and jaw are overlarge, his eyes small, his teeth a bit gappy. But the overall effect is that of an attractive man. I'm happy about this because it is much harder to draw unique as opposed to conventional beauty.

I really wish I'd given myself more time with the hair- I did it when I was already tired of the drawing instead of giving myself time to recover and take my time with it, and subsequently is the weakest part of what is otherwise a pretty fun picture.