Photoshop Painting Catchup #20: Wererat Bard

  • Name: He doesn’t remember his real name, is known as Hadden.
  • Class: Bard
  • Occupation: He and Odie, his orc companion pick up work where ever they can. Mercenary jobs, thievery etc. As they travel.
  • Features: 4’2’’ brown fur, scar under his left eye, still a young adult possibly in his 20’s. Wears worn leather light armour, with a red shirt
  • Race: His original race he can’t remember, but is content with his new form as a wererat and has no urge to discover his past.
  • Equipment: carries a dagger, a flute and 3 flasks on his belt.

Did you know that it's trivially easy to find reference pictures of rats playing musical instruments on the internet? Now you do.

Rat-ish proportions are odd. The torso is long relative to the limbs, and I found myself continually fighting my instinct to 'correct' the length of the legs. Also, the shoulders are much closer in to the body, so clothes and armor hang somewhat differently than on the comparatively broad human shoulder girdle.

Best part of this one: the armor. The leather flaps and rivets are detailed without being confusing, and it is concertina'd enough that I believe Hadden could scurry on all fours should the occasion demand it. Also I love the little belt-mounted thigh flaps! I'll have to remember that idea for later.