Photoshop Painting Catchup #21: Feral Elf Child

  • Name: Tiriel
  • Occupation: Feral Child, lurks about like a little ball of spite.
  • Notable Features: 3.5'-ish and sort of scrawny, but not dangerously so. Has bright, almost infernal orange eyes and long, straight black hair which is badly matted and likely has twigs and/or leaves in it. Also has a nasty scar on her neck, which may or may not be covered by her blanket-cloak.
  • Character's Race: Elf
  • Character's Equipment: A small satchel, clothes that look like they were made from a potato sack or other source of cheap cloth. A faded, holey old lavender cloak-type garment that was once a purple blanket, Tiriel has popped her head through one of the larger holes, allowing her to wear it as a cloak. A harness for carrying two potted treant saplings on her back.
  • Character's companion: Two potted treant saplings.

  • Character's backstory: Tiriel is a smallish elf-child who has been living in the Black Forest for almost as long as she can remember. Recently she has inherited the title of Foresty Hermit Person from its previous holder, who was a rather amiable druid-type chap. Since then, she's been doing things to help the forest recuperate from various problems it's been having. (treant depopulation, giant snails careening over to eat all the trees, skeleton infestation in one of the abandoned forts, brainworms EVERYWHERE, and other nonsense)

I have failed at painting little mid-stream waterfalls in the past, and while this one isn't perfect is is a massive step in the right direction. A big piece of the puzzle is letting go of what I 'know'- that water is blue; vs what I 'see'- which is that water is murky, and takes on the tonal range of the area it's in.

 I am also very pleased with the foliage, even if the tree-trunks ruin the effect somewhat. A light, middle, and dark green seem important to the finished product, as does the deliberate use of textured 'fuzzed' lines between the edges of colors vs sharp transitions.

I also love the baby treants. In my interpretation, they do the whole 'angel on one shoulder, devil on the other' routine.