Photoshop Painting Catchup #22: Female Satyr Bard

  • Name: Isicor
  • Occupation: Bard-in-Training
  • Notable Features: Slim (80 lbs), short (4'7") with brown eyes and short cream hair. Dark, slightly curved horns are placed above her forehead and are kind of close together. Part goat from the waist down; light brown fur and black hooves.
  • Character's Race: Satyr
  • Character's Equipment: Wooden lute and a backmounted long bow with quiver.
  • Character's backstory: A humble guardian of the forest looking for adventure in all the wrong places. Always carries her instrument.

I attempted an ambitious perspective... I didn't fail exactly, but I'm also not too thrilled with the finished product. I thought that the torso being partially obscured would help me (as that is the most difficult part to do correctly) but I think I just exchanged one problem for another- turns out that extreme perspective on musical instruments is pretty hard too! 

Also, the plaid wrap cloth is just not draping correctly, and it's throwing everything off. Not that I know how to fix it mind you, I can just see it. Which is a very frustrating stage of skill acquisition, but at least it's a step in the right direction. 

The composition is... well, it's a good try. The leaves were in interesting idea that I will probably revisit,  but the proportions on this page just didn't turn out the way I'd intended. 

Last thing: I really need to figure out how I want to depict strings on stringed instruments (and other filament type things, like whiskers) in this style. Because this isn't working.