Photoshop Painting #24: Yakuza


  •  I am playing a woman that is a member of the yakuza in Shadowrun. One of the problems I am having is finding good art to convey the tattoos that cover her (distinctive style). Mostly because photos of the types of tattoos are either from the back or are mildly NC17.
  • This woman is exactly what I was thinking in terms of hairstyle, glasses, and physique. However her tattoo work isn't extensive enough to be able to be seen under normal clothing. I was thinking something along the lines of this (Warning mildly NC17) for her tattoo work.

I grabbed this prompt because of the tattoos. First because I think yakuza-style tattoos are aesthetically neat, and second because I had a pretty good idea of which tool I could use to make them... and it was one I'd been looking for an excuse to experiment with!

The overlay setting for layers has a lot of possibilities for adding patterns and detail to simply painted surfaces without overwhelming the tone and shading of the surface they're added to. That plus a little warp tools is, as I thought, a great way to do tattoos! Particularly useful in this case, as yakuza tattoos often employ color, and the tone of that color needed to shift a bit to match the skin underneath.

I feel like I flubbed the face a bit, unfortunately. Straight-on is not a terribly friendly angle for my thick black line enclosed style.