Photoshop Painting Catchup #1



Because of life things, I admit I've been neglecting posting to this space a bit. However! I have not been lolling about eating bon bons. In addition to my jewelry adventures (which I have done a reasonable job of keeping you up to date on) I have been doing quite a bit of hard practice in digital painting.  So much so that I've got some backlog I need to bring you up to date on!

This painting was in response to a request for a griffon with a few modifications. Instead of a eagle/lion, he wanted a vulture/panther. Also, he wanted it to be purple. 

While the vulture/panther part gave the critter a fairly sinister aspect, but the 'purple' part ran a fair chance of turning anything too serious into something ridiculous. So I went with a fairly quiet composition, and upped the 'predator' quotient by having it stalking out of the dark. 

Developmental notes:

Shadows: Nice and deep, and they did work to make the figure disappear into the background darkness. The placement is a little cartoonish though- more 'what you know' than 'what you see', which was probably a reference material failure. 

Light: At the time, I thought I had a fairly stark, directional light source. We'll be talking more about light in later posts- suffice it to say this is not stark directional light. This is pretty ubiquitous light, with fuzzy edges. I think perhaps the depth of the shadows was tricking me into thinking the light was working better than it actually is. 

Coloring: The only texture that works in this photo is the mottled vulture neckskin. The feathers are pretty (particularly the brown/gold overlay that is towards the edges of the feathers) but not really the effect I needed in this instance.